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The Data You Need To Drive Best-In-Class Patient Experience

Frustrated when patients don't proceed in the best interest of their dental health?  Disheartened when patients leave your practice?  Want to find out why it happens so you can create an environment that keeps your patients coming back, again and again?

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Automated Data Collection
Patients receive practice-branded communication in their preferred format (SMS, email) the day after their appointment requesting feedback about their experience and outcomes.
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Personalized Data Displays
Patient feedback is aggregated and displayed in a custom dashboard for providers, staff, regional managers, etc to highlight successes and target areas for improvement.
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Outcome-Drive Data Improvement
Our machine learning ready data produces actionable, targeted insights to help dental teams improve across 14 experience metrics and 4 outcomes metrics using proven methodolgies.
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Understand Your differentiators across your organization
show patients you're different (and Kind)

Do you know what really keeps your patients coming back?  Is it that you're a good listener?  Is it that your office environment is clean and comfortable?  Is it that they know what their insurance will cover and are confident in their payment portion?  We deliver these deep insights to you so you can take action and keep improving everyday.

  • Automatic sending of post-care surveys
  • Unlimited users
  • Measurement of 14 experience metrics
  • Measurement of 4 outcome metrics
  • Group Leaderboard
  • Custom question for your practice
  • Service Recovery and Resolution
  • New Features As They Become Available
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What people are saying about DifferentKind

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DifferentKind has been a game changer for understanding differentiators, market adaptability, and staff recognition.

Dr. Barry Bartusiak
Founding Dentist
Bartusiak Dental Care of Washington
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DifferentKind makes me excited about the future of patient-facing measurement in dental care, enabling a better match between patients and dentists.

Kerry Hicks
Founder and former CEO, Healthgrades
DifferentKind dental quote from FQHC federally qualified health center dental program

Realizing everything connects to everything else, DifferentKind translates and distills the patient journey into real time experience measurements, producing a simple and harmonious data and analytics platform that results in engaged providers and happier patients.  Engaged providers go the extra mile to ensure safe, competent and compassionate care. Happy patients come back to see these providers.  This circle repeats, win-win outcomes are produced, making DifferentKind a force multiplier for solo practices, emerging groups and DSOs.

Samantha Strain
Partner + Chief Development Officer, HealthStream Ventures
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